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Tele-Triage Nursing Taking healthcare into the future

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With the many uncertainties of a global pandemic, communities are grappling with a host of new challenges. Staying safe is especially critical for seniors, since virtually all are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill if they are infected with the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. To address the need for medical treatment in this time of physical distancing, communities are expanding the availability of many health care services through telehealth. Through phone or video, physicians and other health care providers can deliver services to their patients at remote locations, including their homes – eliminating the need to physically visit the doctor’s office.

A Family Friend Home Care understands today’s changing dynamics in health care. We have proactively added telehealth triage nursing to our service offerings, assisting our clients in scheduling telehealth appointments with their primary care doctor or specialist. This service saves time for doctors – and provides convenience and continuity of care for our clients.


Guidelines for Clients

A licensed nurse from A Family Friend will be at your side throughout your virtual doctor’s appointment. Our nurse will check your vital signs, conduct a head-to-toe assessment, and pass this vital information on to your doctor so your doctor has a better understanding of your condition. We will discuss current medications with your doctor and pick up any new medications that the doctor orders.

Guidelines for Families

Indicate that you are giving our nurse permission to assist your loved one with the tele-triage nursing services to be shared in the telehealth appointment. A power of attorney form will accompany this paperwork, which the doctor will receive before the appointment.


Guidelines for Physicians

Your patient may be offered the option of an office visit or a telehealth call. If they choose telehealth, contact our office by fax, (844) 658-4843. We will need a triage request form, a description of their
demographics, the time of the appointment, and the
patient’s diagnosis and reason for the appointment so
that each patient can be triaged appropriately. The
patient will fill out all required forms so that we can assist them with the telehealth appointment before the triage nursing team visit.

For your convenience and your patient’s, we have partnered with Caring Hands Medical Lab Services, a preferred provider. Caring Hands will ensure that all lab work is collected according to your orders and will promptly fax results to your office.

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