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Those We Serve Many needs, many solutions

Our clients span the spectrum of our community. They are seniors, veterans, people living with disabilities, and people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias – and their families, who may be the first to reach out to us to talk about their loved one’s needs.

These are the challenges and questions we often hear from prospective clients:

  • “I’m at home and would like to stay here. How can I get the help I need, while maintaining my independence?”
  • “I broke my hip and now I have to go to rehab. How can I find the right facility?”
  • “My spouse has dementia and it’s more than I can handle. Who can help me provide care at home?”
  • “My children live out of state and can’t help me from afar. Who will look in on me?”
  • “Every time I visit my father at the nursing home, he is soiled. How can I find him a capable care team?”
  • “My mother seems so depressed lately, I wish I could visit her more often but I have to work and take care of my family. Who can lift her spirits when I can’t be with her?”
  • “We can no longer take care of our parents. Whom can we trust to take our place?”
  • “I am my mother’s POA and she has dementia, with behaviors. The facility wants me to come in and sit with her, but I can’t do that every day. Who can fill in for me?”
  • “I am afraid my mother is not taking her diabetic medications. How can I make sure she’s compliant every day?”

Whatever your question or need, you can count on A Family Friend to bring you answers and solutions.  

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