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Testimonials Affirmation from our clients

Here’s what our clients are saying about A Family Friend:

“Living about 2,500 miles away from my mom, I appreciate knowing I can trust who is looking after her. I FaceTime with my mom, at different hours. Sometimes the caregivers are there and I get to ‘meet’ them this way. My mom has taught these caregivers new skills, since they get to do activities with her. I know nursing has a high turnover, and I am grateful to have consistent caregivers.”
                                  – Katrina P., Colorado Springs, CO

“A Family Friend has been a tremendous support and help for my mother-in-law, who had a stroke. The nurses are professional and care for all her needs. They also take her to appointments and try to get her out and about.”
                              – Jennifer O., North Charleston, SC

“My 94-year-old father was living with numerous chronic conditions. I was fortunate to find A Family Friend to provide daily wellness visits to Dad and assist with his medications. This was a huge relief, as I was living in another state. Kimble and her colleagues took the time to really know Dad as a person, genuinely cared about his life stories, laughed alongside him, and delivered kindness at every turn. They made a huge difference in not only his physical comfort but also his emotional well-being—in what turned out to be the last year of his life.  I am forever grateful.
                              – Sue C. Alexandria, VA

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