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A Family Friend understands you may want a permanent long-term solution for at-home care. We can provide live-in service caregivers to stay with you or your loved one 24/7, while you provide the caregiver with room and board. Clients requesting these services need assistance during waking hours and can stay safe independently during the night hours.

If you are the live-in caregiver, we can offer a respite care break, providing 24/7 supervision for your loved one while you take time off.
In all that we do, continuity of care is key.
We believe everyone should have options in ensuring your home care experience meets your expectations and your budget.

For live-in care, A Family Friend partners with a private caregiver service, Elitra Private Care. Visit
Elitra’s website for more information:

Whether you choose A Family Friend Home Care or Elitra Private Care, we are with you at every turn.

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