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Home Care Services for aging in place

Many of us put off looking for home care services until we have an urgent need. Yet given the country’s
shortage of qualified caregivers, and the many uncertainties as we emerge from the Covid pandemic, waiting
to make decisions can lead to frustration, even chaos. Securing a reliable home care provider before the need becomes dire is essential to creating a peaceful future.

Join our family for peace of mind.

Whether you need home care now or later, having a service plan in place takes the guessing game out of home care. A Family Friend offers a range of service plans to meet your care needs, today and tomorrow.

For those needing home care services 24–30 hours or more per week, we offer our Elite hourly cost-effective plan. This plan has everything you need in a home care plan, from daily exercise, activities, and chore
completion to meal planning and all personal care needs.

Understanding our clients want to remain at home even when home is an Independent living, assisted living, or retirement community, we also developed a variety of simple, affordable weekly wellness plans. They provide the same benefits as our Elite plan, but in small increments during the day. In keeping you or your loved one in the place you call home, these plans save you the cost – and stress – of moving out of your home and into a higher level of care community.

Our wellness plans include the following:

Name of Plan Covers Your Needs
Platinum 7 days a week
Gold 5 days a week
Silver 4 days a week
Bronze Preferred Family Plan


Each plan offers personal care needs, medication reminders, emergency visits, safety checks, housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, and companionship.

Start the day you register with A Family Friend.

A Family Friend also partners with a private caregiver service, Elitra Private Care. Visit Elitra’s website:

A Family Friend is delighted to share more information with you on our home care services. Please provide us with your contact information, and we will reach out.

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